The Quickest Way to Blog on GitHub Pages.

Get a complete blog scaffold published and hosted on GitHub Pages in 3 minutes!

Jekyll-Bootstrap is a full blog scaffold for Jekyll based blogs. Don't know what Jekyll is? Read the Jekyll Introduction.

Jekyll Blogs are cool because:

  • Create content in markdown or textile.
  • Manage everything with git.
  • Publish from terminal.
  • No database.
  • No hosting headaches.

Jekyll Generates Static Websites

To understand the differences and benefits of static vs dynamic websites,
follow this quick visual tutorial:

what is a static website

Why JekyllBootstrap?

Free & Automatic Hosting

Free and Easy Blog Hosting With GitHub Pages.

Jekyll-bootstrap is 100% compatible with deploying to GitHub.
GitHub compiles your site on every update so you don't even have to run any code locally!

Just push your repository to a valid GitHub Pages endpoint and GitHub hosts your website <3.

Eases the Pain of Liquid

Liquid can be very frustrating to work with so JB does the job for you.

One of the hardest things about Jekyll is understanding and mastering the Liquid templating language.
JB ships with pre-built pages that would make you cry T_T to have to code manually in Liquid.

Backed by Twitter Bootstrap

Get the power of Twitter Bootstrap with minimal hassle.

Don't want Twitter Bootstrap? No problem, just install another theme.


Install and Switch Blog Themes With One Command.

Jekyll Bootstrap is the first Jekyll blogging engine to support modular theming.
This makes designing and sharing themes for Jekyll blogs much easier and automatic.

Browse Current Themes (new window)


Support For All Major Blog Comment Engines.

Installation is as easy as pasting in your account identifier.

  • Disqus
  • Livefyre
  • Intense Debate
  • Facebook

Posts & Pages

Built-in Post and Page File Creation.

The following page stubs are built-in. Creating these pages manually is harder than you think!

  • archive.html
  • pages.html
  • tags.html
  • categories.html
  • sitemap.xml
  • atom.xml

Plus easily create post and page file stubs using Jekyll Bootstrap's built in rake tasks.

Other Stuff


I don't regularly contribute to JB anymore.

If you are interested in being a core-contributor to Jekyll-bootstrap please email me:
I need help to manage the issues and pull requests piling up.

A Better Static Site Generator =P solves many frustrations found in Jekyll which results in the need for JB in the first place.
Develop Faster: Ruhoh does not compile your entire blog every time a change is made, only the changed page.
Native asset management: Ruhoh automatically cache-busts your assets in development and fingerprints them in production.

Thank You! It was inevitable I build my own static site generator! If you like JB, please give ruhoh a try!